June 2015

The June Driver of the Month is Joshua Keenan. He is employed by a contracted service provider for FedEx Ground at the Seaford terminal and has been a driver there since January of 2013. He has a total of 15 years experience as a professional driver that includes 780,000 miles behind-the-wheel of a commercial motor vehicle.All of his time with FedEx has been accident-free Joshua resides in Georgetown, Delaware.

During his time as a professional driver Joshua has earned company Driver of the Month honors and went on to earn Driver of the Year also. He participated in the DMTA Step-Van Championship in 2015 where he took a 3rd place trophy.

His supervisor at says, “Joshua is an extremely professional driver who always puts safety first in every task he does. He is quick to volunteer for community activities whether it is the Special Olympics or Truck Driving Championships, or company events. He is just a great person.”

His supervisor also reports that he is also known to assist motorists with flat tires or breakdowns on the side of the road during his work day.

DMTA salutes Joshua Keenan for his great record as a safe driver and for his aid to stranded motorists. His qualities as a professional driver represent the best qualities of America’s professional driving force. Join us in wishing him the best of luck in the Driver of the Year competition.