February 2015


February’s Driver of the Month is James A. Carnright of Milford.  He drives for Hobbs Enterprises Inc. of Viola and has been with them for more than eight years.  Jim has a total of 29 years as a professional driver and has never been involved in a preventable crash in his entire career.  He operates a sleeper rig pulling a refrigerated trailer as an over-the-road driver.

Hobbs Enterprises offers a lot of positive words about his work for them:

James Carnright sets a high standard for our company’s drivers to maintain.  Jim has always been a reliable driver and his safety record is outstanding: no traffic accidents/violations since he has been in our employ. Jim has gone more than three years without any FMCSA violations on Driver/Vehicle Inspections.

Jim has exceeded the expectations we set for our drivers in fuel economy.  He always has the highest mpg average on monthly, quarterly and annual reports since he started driving for us.  Timeliness is essential in today’s trucking environment and Jim is never late for pickup and delivery appointments.

Jim always takes an active role in monitoring his vehicle’s condition, performance and maintenance schedule which reduces downtime and costs for the company.

DMTA salutes James Carnright for his outstanding record in safety and efficiency.  He is truly representative of the best of America’s professional drivers.  Join us in wishing him the best of luck in the Driver of the Year competition.