April 2015


April’s Driver of the Month is William P. (Paul) Truitt of Newark, MD. He is a contracted service provider (CSP) for FedEx Ground at their Seaford terminal and has been so for 14 years. Paul has logged more than half a million miles as a professional driver–all of it as a CSP with FedEx Ground running a local package delivery route.

During that time he has earned Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year honors at the Seaford terminal. During Paul’s time as a professional driver he has never been involved in an accident and has a clean driving record.

One remarkable aspect of his record is that for his entire career Paul has been doing delivery work in Rehoboth Beach. FedEx Ground says that during his time as their business partner he has “never had an accident or a ticket. [Considering where he drives] that in itself is a huge accomplishment. In fact, he has never had a ticket in his lifetime. Paul is a true safe driver.”

FedEx Ground also reports that Paul is quick to assist motorists with flat tires or break downs, even though it takes time away from his route.

DMTA salutes William P. (Paul) Truitt for his outstanding record as a safe driver and his thoughtfulness toward stranded motorists. His qualities as a professional driver represent the best of America’s professional drivers. Join us in wishing him the best of luck in the Driver of the Year competition.