March 2016

DMTA’s March Driver of the Month is Charlie Beauchamp. He drives for DMTA member AIM Transport, Inc. and has been with them for 21 years. Charlie began driving professionally in 1979 and has driven 2 million accident-free miles. In his 37 years on the road he has primarily operated 5-axle rigs pulling van or refrigerated trailers.

This is what his employer has to say about him:

Charlie has been driving for AIM for over 21 years. For a driver to have that many years with one company is exceptional in itself. But it doesn’t stop at tenure with Charlie. None of us at AIM can remember a time Charlie was late on a load. If he is given a task, you can bet it will be taken care of on time and safely.

We have received numerous compliments for Charlie’s professionalism, truck appearance and willingness to help others to name a few. Our current insurance company gave a one million mile plus safe driving award to Charlie last year for miles driven just while they have been insuring us. Charlie has been instrumental in establishing preferred routes in the lanes that we travel. Charlie has also assisted in training other less experienced drivers. He is always willing to help other drivers with directions and any other information he can offer. He takes his job seriously. In our opinion, as his employer for the past couple of decades, he is the definition of a professional truck driver.

Charlie has received a Safety Award and Bonus each quarter since starting with AIM Transport. The fleet’s insurance company recognized him with a one million mile plus safety award last year.

He makes his home in Salisbury, MD.